The Grail Message was written for those who genuinely seek the Truth. Because of its timelessness, it is destined to uplift the spirituality of all nations of this world.

Almost every sentence in the Grail Message is a statement which attracts the interest of knowledge
- yearning man. Here are a few:
  • Any inwardly free man will always assess a matter or a teaching according to what it brings, not according to who brings it. Gold is gold, whether a prince or a beggar holds it in his hand.
  • As the laws in Creation operate automatically, with a power against which human spirits are entirely helpless, it stands to reason that the most urgent need of every human being must be the thorough recognition of these laws.
  • Man should not believe in things he cannot grasp! Otherwise, he opens wide the door to errors.
  • Through questioning one finds the right way. Apathy or forced suppression are reminiscent of slavery. God, however, does not want slaves.
  • The greatest enemies of man are a calculating intellect and spiritual indolence.
  • The spirit must be rightly balanced and connected with the intellect, i.e., the spirit dominating and leading, and the intellect as an implement serving, preparing the way and bringing about possibilities for carrying the spiritual volition into effect in the World of Matter.
  • Men can in truth only serve God with just that which did not come to life through the churches: With their own thinking and independent investigation!
  • To abide by God's Will means nothing else but to understand Eternal Laws and live accordingly.
  • Learning is of no avail to the soul, for that which has been learned stays behind on Earth with the body as the brain and thoughts are material. The soul takes along only that which has been experienced and perceived intuitively.
  • Religious movements are a shackling of the free spirit of man, dogmas that seek to compress the work of the Creator into forms moulded by the human mind.
  • The majority of mankind think that the only object of this earth-life is the purpose of acquiring material wealth and having a family.
  • Genuine love will take no account of what gratifies the other, of what is agreeable to him and gives him joy, but will only directs itself towards what will benefit him.
  • Man should not silently tolerate and suffer injustice because he would thereby encourage and strengthen evil.
  • Misplaced indulgence means fostering the faults of people close to you and enemies as well, and thus letting them slide further on the downward path.
  • Nothing is achieved by mere desiring, only a serious volition is the beginning of a deed.
  • It is not enough to know the Truth and believe in it. You have to live it and to act according to it, as otherwise you will be worse off than those who know nothing about it.
  • You turned every Divine Message into a religion. And that was wrong. You placed religion upon a special pedestal, removed from everyday life. In doing so you removed God's Will from your daily life, instead of uniting with It.
  • People who have achieved a certain spiritual knowledge should not think they are doing the Almighty a favour in spreading His Word in such a cheap manner, offering it by trying to teach others, in order to extend the circle of God's adherents. Help should be given only to those who seek!
Author about his work
In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message

By my works, I wanted to give rise to valid human beings, on whom one can count, who are aware of bearing full responsibility for not only their action but also for their words and for even their every thoughts in the living activity at work in Creation, which I tried to explain with perfect logic in order to help them.

My works clearly show that my intention is to regenerate the human soul, the natural consequence of which being an increased joy of life and of work.

I have often drawn attention to the fact that readers should consider the Word only, not the one who brings it. My works should be examined in a serious manner and only what one can personally recognize as true, in authentic conviction, should be accepted: that is what I particularly recommend, since only on this basis can a human being draw profit.

When reading my works, I often emphasize the need for healthy objectivity and cold reflection as they can sustain scrutiny in all regards. My works can be appreciated at fair value only through great seriousness which is very far from exaltation.
Where to buy the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" and other of the author's works?

Although many unconcerned consider the Grail Message to be a religious book, it cannot be found in bookstores with religious and church literature. The Grail Message is sold in some regular bookstores, usually displayed on shelves with spiritual or esoteric literature.
Title of the work in different language editions:

German ("Im Lichte der Wahrheit - Gralsbotschaft")

Czech "Ve světle Pravdy - Poselství Grálu"
Dutch "In het Licht der Waarheid - Graalsboodshap"
English "In The Light of Truth - The Grail Message"
Estonian "Toe valguses - Graali sonum"
French "Dans la Lumière de la Vérité - Message du Graal"
Hungarian "Az Igazság fényében - Grál üzenet"
Italian "Nella Luce della Verita - Messaggio del Graal"
Mandarin Chinese
Polish "W Swietle Prawdy - Przeslanie Graala"
Portuguese "Na Luz da Verdade - Mensagem do Graal"
Romanian "În Lumina Adevărului - Mesajul Graalului"
Russian  "V svete istiny - Poslanije Gralja"
Slovak "Vo Svetle Pravdy - Posolstvo Grálu"
Spanish "En La Luz De La Verdad - Mensaje Del Grial"
About the author of the work
In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt (1875-1941),
writing under the pseudonym Abd-ru-shin

The author of the work "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" was born as Oskar Ernst Bernhardt on 18th April 1875 in Bischofswerda, near Dresden in Germany. After being educated and trained in business, he started to work as a salesman. Through this commercial activity, he had the opportunity of travelling to many countries around the world where he acquired extensive experience and inspiration for his later writing. His impressions and experiences from his travels were reflected in dozens of novels, travelogues and stage plays which at that time achieved great success. The year 1913 meant a great turning-point in his life. At the outbreak of World War I, he found himself in the unpleasant situation of being a German living in enemy territory. This led to his internment in a prison camp on the Isle of Man in 1915, where he lived in seclusion and misery which reflected in his inner thoughts about the purpose of life.  After four years of imprisonment, he was freed and returned to Germany with the intention of continuing in his literary work.

From 1923, he devoted himself to the creation of a work which later brought him unexpected success. 
His first lectures, published in booklet form and entitled "Gralsblätter" (Grail Leaflets) addressed readers so much that three years later they were published in book form with the title "In the Light of Truth - New Grail Message - by Abdruschin".

In 1928, he decided to settle in Vomperberg in Austrian Tyrol where he found a suitable environment to work on the completion of his great work that had already brought strong spiritual impulses to the German nation. Unlike the spreading Nazi movement, enforcing its ideas at the expense of other nations while using violence, in his work the author encourages people towards free thinking and self-improvement based on solid moral principles. Led by such ideas, the desire for a better world that was felt by the German public could have had developed for the welfare of the whole of mankind and become a positive example for other nations. Unfortunately, this pure and noble desire of the people was abused by the politicians of at that time and, under the reign of Nazism, led to the worst possible scenario. Abd-ru-shin's activity was banned as undesirable while in 1938 the author was expelled from Austria by the Nazis. He died prematurely at the age of 66 under house arrest in Kipsdorf, Germany.  He was buried at his birthplace Bischofswerda. In 1949 his bodily remains were moved to the place of his last activity - to Vomperberg.

After his death Abd-ru-shin's work was published in a modified edition entitled "Edition of the Last Hand" which is the basis of all of today's three-volume editions of the Grail Message.
Abd-ru-shin created a work of immense value which has already been sold in several millions of copies worldwide. It is an extraordinary heritage of the last century that will be topical for all future generations.


This work is intended for independent, seriously seeking individuals only.  It stands for itself and is not linked to any religious or other societies or movements.
When searching the Internet for information about the author, his work and lectures, you may also encounter people who for various reasons, especially in order to mislead others, wish to declare themselves to be the "new incarnation" or successors of the author. It is therefore advised that readers become familiar with the original work by Abd-ru-shin while forming their own opinion through free and objective investigation without the necessity of associating with any societies or movements.

The Grail Message describes the structure of all Creation - material and immaterial worlds, the cause and the emergency of individual levels well as their interconnections. The whole of this huge structure is subject to the same perfect laws, manifesting at all planes of Creation in the form of invisible powers which, although hidden, work reliably and independent from human will. Our knowledge of the effect of such laws is extremely important because any disobedience or violation of them causes our self-punishment.

The book addresses the causes and consequences of the time of Judgement, the powers which are helpful to people at such times and also the devastating powers which are controlled intelligently and in order to achieve their own plans lead mankind to self-destruction. Only by ignoring the existence and hidden intents of such powers does man unintentionally help their spreading and influence.

To those who preserve the sense of Truth and Justice in their life, the Grail Message reveals, page by page, the spiritual wealth which awakens and strengthens the inner conscience of man and thus helps his spiritual transformation.
The Grail Message
Unveil the Secret of the Grail

It has already passed more than half a century since the death of the German writer Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, also known under his pseudonym "Abd-ru-shin", as an author of the masterpiece "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message". It covers high spiritual knowledge necessary for understanding the very nature and being of man in Creation. Such knowledge, drawn from the highest levels of Creation, from the level of the actually existing Grail, provides clarification for many obscurities and mistakes which are still pursued by different spiritual theories and religions and which mislead people on their way to the Truth.

The book "The Grail Message", which the author himself named a New Bible by its topics follows up to the teaching of Jesus and simultaneously supplements and clarifies it. It is made for contemporary man who does not simply satisfy himself only with symbolic parables presented in a story like form, but who seeks a clear and logical picture of spiritual events and causes.
As the very name suggests, the book offers decipherment of the ancient myth of the Grail which flourished particularly in the Middle Ages. At that time, the Grail emblazoned with many legends was considered to be an earthly object of immense value - a book of chivalry, a bowl which captured Jesus' blood, or a precious stone. Medieval knights set out on quests to search for the Holy Grail. Since none of them succeeded, because they searched for it on Earth and not in light realms high above this creation, knowledge of the Grail fell into oblivion.

In his book Abd-ru-shin refers to the Grail as no one ever did before. He describes it as a huge vessel situated in the Grail Castle in the highest levels of Creation, immensely remote from the earthly sphere. The Grail vessel preserves within itself the principal power - the source of life throughout Creation. This energy periodically pours out to all Creation, preserving and promoting the development of all life. By knowing the essence and flow of such eternally pulsating energy, one can understand the origin of the world, eternal laws and also meaning of human existence.
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