A human being comes into the world, according to earthly laws, in two stages - through fertilization and birth. Both parents believe that they are the "creators" of their child, that they created a new personality who is their work both physically and spiritually. If there is a resemblance in appearance and character from early childhood on, the more reason for them to feel that they are right.
    Let's take a look at these processes from the viewpoint of Eternal Laws. We already know that the real essence of man is the spirit. The spirit though, is not inherited, and it cannot be divided as matter can. It represents an independent core in every human being. We need parents on Earth to create our body, through which our spirit will be able to express itself and develop in matter. During fertilization, and at birth, the spirits of parents do not release or give anything of themselves. The child does not get even the smallest part of their substance. A parent can only give of his spirit through education and  example, which the child is consciously absorbing or rejecting, owing to the imitation instinct.
    Parents procreate  their child physically only. From the sperm and egg the physical germ is created, which grows from the nutrients of the mother's body. Physical resemblance and disposition towards certain diseases are inherited, as matter can divide. But mentally and spiritually every person is an independent being who was attracted to Earth by his parents, due to the Law of Reciprocal Action or Homogeneity. Therefore, children should not deride their parents for their own negative traits and predispositions as an injustice in inheriting their mental properties. They brought them along themselves, they do not stem from their parents. According to the Law of Homogeneity they have been born to parents similar to themselves.
    Earthly families mostly attract souls with negative characteristics, as they are, due to the Law of Homogeneity, heavier, more equal to the characteristics of matter. When members of a family with the same negative traits have to live under one roof many  problems and aggravations arise, which could ultimately lead to their elimination - to a correction, because an obstacle can be overcome by like being treated with like.
    How does the spirit of a child get into the mother's body? After fertilization the radiation of the mother's soul is intensified. Thereby a homogeneous path is created along which the soul of a child can come closer to the mother. Without this special bridge, which is only created during pregnancy, a soul would not be able to reach the mother from the distant Ethereal World or lower levels. The incarnation of a soul happens mostly due to karmic reasons. Then a spirit, already  known from a prior life, is incarnated into the family. When karmic threads are missing, a "foreign" spirit is incarnated, which is only connected to the parents due to the Law of Homogeneity, that is, it has common mental and spiritual traits.
    The spirit of a child does not come to life without experience, nor is it as  pure as freshly fallen snow. It has experienced a lot in previous lives. It also brings along some guilt to expiate, and new  tasks to accomplish. It has "forgotten" its past, although it is encoded in its spirit. The child will gradually remember this, but only under the influence of various events. No human spirit lives on Earth for the first time. The Law of Homogeneity would not allow the incarnation of a new, less mature spirit among mature ones, because it could not evolve. The vast gulf of understanding between him and his surroundings would prevent this. The fact that these differences exist today is not caused by the lesser number of lives but due to the inadequate use of these lives. And  that is man's own fault. It is similar to a situation at school - a pupil who is not attentive at school and does not learn has to stay behind.
    The soul, i.e., the spirit-germ covered by the soul, is already approaching the mother at the beginning of her pregnancy. It stays around her, participates in many experiences, and she can also feel its presence internally. Naturally, the spirit does not come to the mother directly from the Spiritual Realm, but from the Astral, in the form of a soul. The soul can only incarnate into the mother's body when the embryo reaches its fullest  maturity - in the middle of the pregnancy. After the incarnation of the soul or spirit, the embryo has its own blood circulation. The  movements in the mother's body are also a sign that the embryo has come alive. If, during the time of maturity of the embryo no spirit enters it, which could be caused by negative karma, an incorrect development of the embryo, or a weak radiation of the mother's soul, the embryo degenerates and dies. Only the spirit, a  higher substance than matter, can further develop it into a human form.
    From the standpoint of Eternal Laws the process of the birth of a child consists of four stages:
    - fertilization of an egg
    - the soul approaching  the mother at the beginning of the pregnancy
    - incarnation of the soul in the middle of the pregnancy
    - birth of a child.
    Who is regulating the process of incarnation of spirits so as not to create injustice and make sure that Eternal Laws are followed? We already know that our life in the World of Matter is controlled by our more advanced brothers from the Spiritual Realm. The view that  perfect spirits have of our earthly life is much more complex and has more foresight. They draw from our past lives and from the knowledge of  the future. They know what will happen during our life on Earth, in which part of the world a disaster or war will happen, and whether it would serve a purpose in our life. With this knowledge of future events they control our incarnation. They know us better than we do ourselves. The Book of Life and the form of our spirit are a mirror of our past.
    Up to adolescence each child's spirit is seemingly disconnected from the outer world. That's why a child only expresses itself mentally and physically. Only when it starts to mature sexually does its spirit connect with matter, with the world outside, and is then able to work in it. However, the difference between the non-material spirit and the World of Matter is so great that, according to the Law of Homogeneity, they could not connect. Nevertheless, it has to happen. On Earth there exists the finest power, which, at the same time, is the highest power in the World of Matter - the principal power. Owing to its fineness  it is almost equal to the spirit. The increased radiation of reproductive organs in adolescence creates a path along which this power enters the spirit, through the soul, and unites with it forever.  As this path leads along the radiation of the reproductive organs, it is called  the generative power.
    It manifests itself as a desire for love, beauty, purity and ideals. At the same time a previously suppressed law is awakened - the Law of the Desire for Spiritual Knowledge, because the spirit tries to develop and express itself actively. This law is connecting the spirit with eternity. It helps the spirit not to forget about its origin in everyday worries, not to lose sight of the goal it came to Earth to reach. According to the Law of Homogeneity a spirit can only be educated and developed by spiritual knowledge and deep, intuitive experiencing.
    For a young person to be able to realize his ideals he has help in the connection of the generative power with matter, i.e., with reality. The natural process of connecting the principal power with the spirit is shown in youth when they  start to be conscious of the positive and negative aspects of their surroundings. This results in an effort to change and  improve their environment and, in a positive case, themselves also. At the same time, according to the Law of Completing a Unit, a young person starts to look for his opposite pole - a partner. If, between a couple, the mental and spiritual powers emerge first and only then is there a loving physical union, this pure flame can  "burn" the biggest part of their  negative karma, and create conditions for a harmonious life and a positive development of the spirit.
    Sexual intercourse and procreation are only  secondary goals of the generative power, which will be constantly expressed from adolescence on, even without these functions. Therefore the end of the functioning of the sexual organs does not mean the loss of the connection of the spirit with the principal power.
    Young, inexperienced people are unfortunately diverted from  the natural course of the generative power into a wrong direction because of present day morality. The sexual instinct and the need to satisfy it as soon as possible and to the utmost, even without spiritual love, have been artificially overvalued. The real purpose of the generative power has therefore been weakened and turned into an animal instinct only. Frequent sexual intercourse, numerous sexual partners and masturbation sidetracks a young person in his development. The generative power, which he was to ennoble physically, mentally and spiritually has been changed into a dangerous negative force which, instead of granting support, limits him in development and pulls him down.
    Being chained by mostly physical, i.e., material gratification, man cut himself off from the help and inspiration of higher Elemental Beings which, according to the Law of Homogeneity, cannot connect with him in that state. This separation from the spiritual heights results not only in a moral and spiritual, but also a cultural  and economic decline, and the decline of the society.
    Through his overly heightened passions, due to the Law of Homogeneity, man connects with lower spirits, which live in planets under the level of the Earth. So, instead of connecting with higher spirits, man unites with lower ones. At the same time he also attracts dark spirits up to the level of the Earth. Without this artificially created bridge they could never reach Earth, due to the Law of Gravity and Homogeneity. Even though not all are incarnated, they remain in the Astral and influence the psyche of people. They suggest thoughts of repeated orgies, masturbation, etc., as these thoughts are nourishment for them. This also applies to other negative traits such as smoking, abuse of alcohol, drugs etc. The victim thinks it is his own desire he needs to satisfy. Instead of uniting with perfect beings he connects with dark spirits, which are much worse than man himself.
    Why did man succumb so easily to sexual excesses? There is only one reason. He pulled down his protective wall, the feeling of modesty/shame, which was to protect him from decay. This wall of chastity was built along with the receiving of generative power. Because man did not know its purpose, he was able to pull it down easily. The feeling of shame is a natural support for spiritual, mental and physical development. But  morality based on the effort to eliminate this protective wall and give low passions free reign has reached what it wanted - the protection  was voluntarily and gradually given up. We silently agree with and consider as normal what is not normal at all. We have made sexual instinct almost the only goal in our lives. The volition chained by it cannot realize its higher desires and aims, as all generative power is being used in frequent or unnatural sexual intercourse or masturbation.
    The first flame, which gradually came to burn as a destructive fire in the souls of people,  was lit, even if inadvertently, by psychologists and sexologists. They stated that without regular sexual intercourse no normal life is possible, that the lack of it results in frustration and problems. So, if there is no partner available, one has to satisfy oneself. This has disturbed the mental balance and  feeling of security of  even normal people. Advice and explanations of this nature can be valid only for a person who does not know that by moderating the sexual urge the generative power grows and awakens creativity, natural desires and volition.
    Only by thinking deeply about the consequences of an excessive sexual urge can a force be released  to regulate it. The Law of Free Will does not allow dark spirits to force a person into something which he himself does not want. They can only lure him, tempt him, suggest to him that the desire which they have inspired is his own need. This knowledge can liberate man. Only hidden and veiled evil is dangerous. By uncovering evil and knowing about it, evil can be overcome.
    A gradual, not sudden moderation of negative tendencies makes dark spirits leave their victim, as they have lost their hold over him. The purified person starts to feel a sense of shame again, which will protect him from further decline. Transforming low passion into spiritual ideals puts the generative power onto the right track and awakens a desire for real, pure love, which will, in time, come along.  A strong desire, multiplied by moderating the sexual instinct, connects man with Elemental Beings - helpers, and they create conditions to realize his desire - pure love.

    Generative power is weakened also through unbalanced nutrition, e.g., the lack of proteins as a result of a long-lasting vegetarian diet. Sometimes this diet is recommended to heal diseases, in that case it can last several years. However, after overcoming the illness one needs to gradually come back to the original varied diet, with an increased intake of fibre and reduced amounts of meat and fat.
    Other ways of weakening  generative power are by reading unsuitable literature, watching films with too much stimulation for the senses and nerves. This negative practice connects man with dark spirits that will try to rule him or her in order to "nourish" them.
    Many people will find this unbelievable, but even occult training and meditation bring about a lessening of the generative power and a connection with dark spirits who, at the present, are surrounding the Earth  like a dark mist. If someone meditates in order to get rid of stress and fatigue, he is basically relaxing in a sitting position. That is not dangerous because one does not penetrate the Astral. When meditating more deeply, especially going down "into the past" or to "dissolve in nothingness", the person  meditating is almost inviting dark influences. He or she voluntarily connects with low spirits who at first seem to be harmless, so that later they can control the meditating person. Man should improve by natural means - through the knowledge of spiritual truths and ideals, and also by practising them in everyday life, not by escaping from reality.
    We already know that the Animistic Realm is the moving force of the Gross Material and Ethereal Universe. In the middle of the rotational cycle of the Universe some material planets reach the appropriate maturity. That means that they can be fertilized by spirit-germs. This is analogous to the case of the human embryo, which matures in the middle of the pregnancy and is  fertilized with the spirit of man, in order to continue on to a higher state of development. In one cycle this event only happens once. Planets which do not have the proper conditions at this time will get another opportunity in the next cycle, about a million years hence. When talking about the  maturity of planets, we  mean the creation of conditions for the life of spirit-germs in the World of Matter. This is done by Elemental Beings on planets with the suitable temperature.
    So far we have learned that the human spirit-germ cannot develop in the Spiritual Realm, therefore it is expelled, by the Law of Motion, into cooler, lower regions - into the World of Matter. This phenomenon is figuratively called "the expulsion from Paradise". It is the voluntary, or necessary "ousting" from the spiritual home. Without being expelled the spirit-germ would never develop into a perfect spirit. Let us take a look at this process more concisely: how and through what levels the germ penetrates down.
    Right under the Spiritual Realm the Animistic Realm rotates. It is a little cooler, but even here the germ cannot form. It has to sink deeper yet, into lower spheres. Due to the Law of Homogeneity it cannot travel through a foreign level without taking a covering from it. Thereby, owing to the weight of the animistic shell, it lowers itself into the bottom part of the Animistic Ring. Even here there are no proper conditions for its development so it takes on another, denser covering and, due to its own weight, sinks further still.
    The process of receiving coverings from two different types of heterogeneous materials is not automatic, it is aided by two beautiful female beings - fairies. They have the task to manipulate germs carefully so they are not damaged, because they sink unconsciously, without self-protection. The activity of the fairies can be compared to the work of women at a poultry farm where they wrap eggs so they are not broken on their way to the consumer.
    Each spirit-germ contains the slumbering potential of all the perfection of a mature spirit, which wakes up gradually by becoming conscious of itself. This process is called the improvement  of the spirit.
    The unconscious journey of the germ through the Animistic Realm will be halted at the edge of the Ethereal Universe. It cannot sink further as an unconscious spirit-germ. It is caught in the ethereal field where it will slowly come to life. During its "sleep" other, also beautiful, female beings take care so the spirit-germ is not damaged. Here male "caretakers" are present as well. Their strong positive radiation  protects the germs from the unfavourable energies of the lower worlds. The principal  power, in the form of light and warmth and also sweet music, accompanies the gradual awakening of the spirit-germ to consciousness of itself  in the Ethereal World.
    The upper, denser covering, which it received from the second fairy in the Animistic Ring, starts to grow in the ethereal field into the shape of a large, beautiful flower. As every germ awakens with a different intensity and quality of consciousness, flowers of different type, shape and colour grow here. The ethereal field resembles a vast flower garden. When the flower bud opens, the first finer covering  starts to develop, forming, under the influence of the spirit-germ, into the shape of a human body. In the half-opened flower lies a small child, protected from the harsh rays of light like a chick is protected by the shell of an egg. The spirit-germ itself does not have a human form yet, only the first animistic covering has formed - the soul.
    While the soul is developing from childhood to adulthood in the Ethereal World, the Elemental Beings  are preparing a suitable planet for its life. They form the nature by imitating the ethereal  Paradise and in that way establish a nice home in which the person's spirit-germ can develop further. In the meantime the soul has matured in the Ethereal World, but it is  of such fine nature that it cannot be active on Earth or any other material planet. It cannot grip a piece of wood or a  stone to build an abode, or pick a plant to eat. The Law of Homogeneity requires a homogeneous body through which the soul can have an effect on nature, to improve it and at the same time develop the real ego, the spirit-germ.
    The highest rulers of nature, the Prime-Elemental Beings, control and organize the work of their subjects, the Little Elemental Beings in order to prepare a denser covering for the human soul - the material body. When the most advanced animal on Earth matured into the highest state of development and attained a form similar to the human body and the ability to actively influence  matter, the time of maturity of the planet - the time to fertilize it with spirit-germs began. Into the most perfect animal pair, the primeval man, human souls incarnated instead of animal souls - a male and a female. Gradually to their descendants only human souls incarnated. That is the origin of the first human race. Other creatures of the primeval man perished. Due to the influence of the spirit, which is lacking in animals, the bodies into which the human souls have placed themselves started to develop into a more perfect and noble human form, with higher abilities.
    So Darwin was partially right when he stated that humans stem from the most perfect animal - the ape. But now that we know that the real essence of a human being is the spirit, we have to narrow this explanation: not a human being, but only his or her material body, has its origin in an animal.
    During his many lives on Earth man had to use his abilities and traits to the fullest to survive in the harsh climate and rough living conditions. The soul, and also the spirit-germ, had to try harder, had to exert more warmth to penetrate the thick material covering - the body, and through it  influence and improve the surroundings. The spirit-germ was activated in the cooler, coarser environment. It had to learn to control its body in the same way  as man needs to get used to working  in thick rubber gloves.
    One may ask why the development of a soul in the Ethereal World could not be adequate for the spirit-germ to return to Paradise. Simply because the Ethereal World was not sufficiently "coarse", cool and material to awake the slumbering abilities of the spirit-germ to its fullest potential. However, the spirit-germ could enter the Earth, enter the World of Matter, only after the development of the soul, so that with the soul's help the spirit-germ could control the heavy material body. The spirit-germ itself would not only be unable to move the body without the soul, but, due to the Law of Homogeneity, would not even be able to stay in the body. The big difference in its substance compared to matter would expel the spirit-germ.
    Even the soul is not a homogeneous intermediary for the material body. The soul is too fine to stay in the body. That's why the Little Elemental Beings that specialize in this activity, produce an astral body of man from medium  matter. It forms the connecting link between the ethereal soul, as it is a little thicker, and the material body, as it is finer. After the earthly death of man the astral body exits the material body and disintegrates into its original elements in the Astral. It has a longer life span than the material body. As it has a human form some "sensitive" people can see it with their spiritual eye.
    After the final life on Earth, which is different for every  human being, the spirit-germ develops into a perfect personality of female or male form. After the death of the body the mature spirit walks into its home - into Paradise. In every level it goes through - in the Ethereal World and the Animistic Realm - it leaves its coverings, which are burned one by one under the strong radiation of the mature spirit.
    Where does the strong radiation of the spirit, which burns the ethereal and animistic coverings, come from? When the improved spirit attains a human form, man has to develop his mental and spiritual power. This grows stronger by overcoming obstacles in its path and also by living the spiritual truths in  everyday life. He who only reads about, but does not practise them, does not gain spiritual power -  the strong radiation which destroys the ethereal and animistic coverings.
    The return of the spirit into the Spiritual Realm, into Paradise, is connected with further improvements through the help of a Spiritual Guide, who guides the spirit to its proper place. Owing to the Law of Reciprocal Action the originally unconscious spirit-germ returns where it came from as a conscious spirit, as everything returns in a circle. This event is described as the "return of the prodigal son".
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