Above the Gross Material and Ethereal Universe there is a world of a finer type, which is the driving force behind the cycle of the whole of the Universe. It is the Animistic Realm. It also has seven levels with various forms of life. It is the home to diverse beings and creatures that can be divided into two basic categories: conscious and unconscious creatures, depending on whether they are conscious of their personality or not.
    Minerals and plants are unconscious creatures. They are considered living organisms, because they already incorporate a certain quality of life - they grow and die. They are protected by a law according to which they do not suffer from tampering with their body, although such tampering can lead to death or disintegration. They do not have a soul which experiences emotions. If some people are able to talk to trees and plants, they do not talk to them specifically but to the beings who live in them.
    Animals are also unconscious creatures. They form a higher class of this category. They have a soul and that means they feel pain. When killing their prey they instinctively behave according to the Law of Killing. They use the quickest method of killing so the victim suffers the least. After death an animal does not feel its body being torn apart and devoured. Man should seriously think about this law and do accordingly when killing animals as, if this law is incorrectly applied, consequences have to be suffered, whether in the form of a disease or a difficult death.
    Animals have a group soul. This, different to the human soul, disintegrates after death into its original parts, which are  gathered in the place of assembly of homogeneous species where a new animal soul is created.
    However, an animal which lives in close contact with humans and is attached to its master with loyal love does not lose the integrity of its soul after death. The soul stays intact and reincarnates with other qualities. This accelerates maturing, as everywhere there is constant striving for development from unconscious to conscious life.
    Conscious creatures of the Animistic Realm have a human form. Many of them live also on Earth. But they are not visible to ordinary people, because they do not have a  material body, just a soul. Hierarchically they are divided into two basic groups - little and great - and we use the term Elemental Beings  for both groups.
    Little Elemental Beings originate from animistic germs, which a self activated stream carries into various natural elements. There, beings of various types develop - living in fire, water, air, soil, flowers, trees, rocks, clouds, etc. They have a female or male form. Their task is to keep the elements - nature, in such a state as is required by Eternal Laws. According to the orders of the Lords of the Elements they also activate disasters, e.g., floods and earthquakes, storms, tornados or positive natural phenomena - beneficial rains, rainbows, etc.
    Although these natural processes can be explained scientifically, i.e., in order for them to happen certain conditions have to be met, that does not mean that they happen on their own. We consider it to happen that way because we do not see the activators of these processes, only the consequences, which are organized according to certain rules and are accurate.
    The life of bees also has precise rules, but because we can see bees we do not say that the gathering of pollen and production of honey happens spontaneously.
    The world today is not able to fully understand the activity of Elemental Beings because we have lost the ability to perceive them. Due to the emphasis on intellect in our lives mankind has dulled its ability to use other than physical senses for perception. Fairy-tales and legends preserve the inheritance of some of our spiritually more developed ancestors, who saw these beings and communicated with them. They helped each other, which is illustrated in stories of giants, dwarfs and fairies.
    We consider clairvoyance an extraordinary ability today as it is very scarce, but in times gone by this was a general characteristic of people. Even today some extraordinarily pure individuals see Elemental Beings, but no one believes them because it is a rare phenomenon. Only a  new generation will again become close to their little helpers and be able to see them and better understand the fine nature of the happenings.
    Little Elemental Beings reach their human form through development. Their soul is gradually formed from the animistic germ, from lower creatures to more developed, from dwarfs and gnomes to beautiful fairies and giants. Their shape is improving and reaches human form along with consciously being aware of their own personality, their own ego. That is another Eternal Law. Because their appearance is formed gradually, through development, we call them the Developed Elemental Beings.
    An animal has a soul too, but it is not conscious of itself - its personality, that's why it does not have a human form. Little Elemental Beings are much more beautiful than people as they do not know evil and imperfection. They live in harmony with Eternal Laws. They are still as active among us as before, they are not extinct, only we no longer can see them. Even bacteria, which were only discovered after the invention of the microscope, have existed since time immemorial and affected  us. We just did not realize it.
    Due to ignorance some people consider Little Elemental Beings to be extraterrestrial, as they do not know much about them. Little Elemental Beings can be as small as a finger but also bigger than humans -  giants, who predominantly dwell in rocks, mountains, great lakes and clouds.
    They are governed by structures of authority to which they voluntarily submit. They come under the Law of Unity with the Whole, according to which an individual cannot exist on his own, only as a part of a society. That's when he is strong and useful. The structure of their rule looks approximately like  this:
    Little Elemental Beings living under a tree are subjects of a king(or queen) of the forest, who has the sovereign of the whole mountain above him. This king in turn is subjected to the ruler of all mountains in the country. And so the hierarchy continues up to the ruler of the planet and finally the whole of the Universe.
    All Elemental Beings excel in their work due to their precision and responsibility. They feel unconditional love and respect towards their master. In contrast to humans Elemental Beings do not elect their leaders. The leading position is determined according to the degree of perfection. This happens automatically - according to law. We shall go into it later. Their joyous attitude to work and love towards their superiors makes them happy and beautiful.
    Little Elemental Beings have various tasks. Some deal with matter, its shaping, maintenance and disintegration. This way, matter is continuously being ennobled and made finer. They are the creators of nature and at the same time its destructors. People think that nature creates itself, as they see how it changes and multiplies on its own. It is a natural phenomenon. When a plant or animal matures, according to the Law of Completing a Unit, the positive and negative poles are united and this is how they multiply. This spontaneous event is only being helped by Little Elemental Beings.
    At first man lived in harmony with nature, he seldom  interfered, primarily when building shelters on his own property. Later he started to devastate nature and now, as a result of industrial activity, he is completely destroying it. He does not know anything about its creators so he cannot cooperate with them.
    In the civilization of Atlantis people received help with huge construction projects from giants who did the heavy work for them. The inhabitants of Atlantis did not have or need any technology. We only  assume that they were as technically advanced as our civilization. They also did not have any means of transport, and still they travelled around the whole world - on huge birds. Fairy-tales are not just a  fantasy.
    The activities of other Little Elemental Beings are more connected with people. Their task is to weave invisible threads out of every human intuitive perception, thought and deed. The quality and type is distinguished by colour. Along these threads - paths, the souls, after death, are led into the Astral and the Ethereal World which have been woven by the Elemental Beings from the people's intentions and deeds. This is how Little Elemental Beings weave, according to Eternal Laws, the fate of a person. It leads from Earth either down to the lower worlds or up to the higher ones. It is an activity which we cannot imagine or understand, as there is nothing to compare it with in our world.
    Therefore Little Elemental Beings are also the  living executors of Eternal Laws, but they are not the controlling or evaluating authority. They weave the threads of fate without any personal engagement in the lives of people. The result of their weaving, which reveals the innermost secrets of every man, is judged by other authority. For better understanding we can imagine the Elemental Beings  to represent typists who type a thesis for a student. They do not tamper with the contents written by the student.
    Apart from this, Elemental Beings also weave threads which connect people to each other. Their  work is under the supervision of different, more advanced rulers, hence there can be no injustice or failure. Through their weaving, Little Elemental Beings are connecting the material and non-material worlds. Little Elemental Beings come from a higher plane than the Universe, from the Animistic Realm, and so they contain more principal power in the form of warmth and light. That way they heat, change, animate and improve matter - the Universe.
    Man also is supposed to improve matter, but his activity differs from the activity of the Elemental Beings. They are preparing and assisting, while man is to continue in their work and become the ruler of matter. Regretfully, man has become a  ruler - a destroyer, because he has understood his rule incorrectly.       
    Great Elemental Beings are of an even finer substance than Little Elemental Beings as they live in the highest, finest plane of the Animistic Realm. In contrast to Little Elemental Beings they did not develop gradually, but they were formed immediately from animistic germs into  supernaturally beautiful male or female forms.
    According to Eternal Laws all that is perfect forms immediately and thereby gets a leading position.
    We call them the Prime-Elemental Beings as they were the first to be created in this realm and they are eternal. Some spiritually advanced individuals from ancient civilized nations have seen them and called them due to their size, beauty, as well as supernatural abilities, gods. Greeks and Romans have given them various names, although they were identical, e.g., Zeus - Jupiter, Aphrodite  - Venus. Other nations have seen them as well and given them names, most of which are not known anymore.
    Later, when, due to increased materialism, people were losing the purity of intuitive perception, they stopped perceiving them and communicating with them. But fables remained about their existence and activities. In these fables Great Elemental Beings have become more and more like people and they have even been ascribed human weaknesses and shortcomings. Thus, people diminished  their value and trustworthiness.
    Little and Great Elemental Beings exist even today and they work on their respective tasks, but we can no longer perceive them. Even their seat - Olympus, is not a fantasy, it exists at the highest and farthest corner of the Animistic Realm.
Prime-Elemental Beings control several activities:

    1. The creation, maintenance and disintegration of matter - nature. This is performed by Little Elemental Beings under the supervision of the lords of the elements - Great Elemental Beings. For example all waters in the Universe are subject to the Lord of the Seas - Neptune or Poseidon. He controls many smaller rulers in rivers, seas, oceans, countries, on individual planets, etc.
    Prime-Elemental Beings are not the highest gods and goddesses, as people used to think. However, they are much more perfect than people on Earth as they live in a world higher than the Universe - in the Animistic Realm.
    2. The fulfilling of Eternal Laws is under the rule of the Great Elemental - Prime-Elemental Beings. Hereby they perform not the controlling, but just the mediation role, by transferring tasks from other rulers from a higher level to their subjects.
    3. Another task of the Prime-Elemental Beings is to help people towards improvement. That's why some of them represent virtues, e.g., Aphrodite - love and beauty and Pallas Athena - wisdom and justice. In the Animistic Realm each trait forms itself into a Prime-Elemental Person - a perfect being, who radiates this characteristic downwards and is an example for people. This activity seems incomprehensible to us, but we can find something similar in our own life. A parent is an example for a child who imitates him, whether consciously or subconsciously. Even though we do not see Prime-Elemental Beings we can feel their radiation and it is always at our disposal. Anytime we need a virtue or we have a desire for it  we connect to it through our volition, according to the Law of Homogeneity.
    Primitive peoples, arrested in their spiritual development, and also on a low level of earthly development, cannot see Little or Great Elemental Beings. Only advanced civilized nations were able to see into the higher worlds -  up to the Animistic Realm. Spiritually undeveloped nations only perceive Astral beings from lower worlds - demons and phantoms that were created from people's negative intuitive perception and thoughts. In order to drive them away they use special music and dance ceremonies. For them they are "gods" as they do not understand their origin and purpose.
    We shall gradually elaborate on other activities of the Elemental Beings. From our materialistic point of view it seems unbelievable that everything around us is alive and well organized. Little Elemental Beings live not only in the Animistic Realm, but also in the Ethereal and Gross Material Universe. Because our spiritual development in certain areas did not go hand in hand with material development, we stopped seeing with our spiritual eye and we consider the invisible worlds to be fairy-tales rather than reality.
    Like our ancestors who were not able to imagine the future and did not believe clairvoyants who said that one day on Earth there will be metal birds - aeroplanes - flying, there will be houses - ships - floating or horses - cars - will be driving on wheels, we also stopped believing. We stopped believing in the past and thereby veiled our spiritual sight. What man does not want to see he does not see, and generation after generation he is born with this restriction.
    Small children today are not able to see Elemental Beings even though just recently they saw them. No wonder. How can they perceive something non-material if they can't even see properly with their material eyes? Poor eyesight in children is very common nowadays. It is a sign of our physical and spiritual blindness, as many of us are indifferent, superficial, towards it and therefore "blind".   

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