Above the Animistic Realm there is the Spiritual Realm. As every world is of a different substance, the Spiritual Realm too, is totally different from all the worlds under it. It is non-material and because of that -  eternal.  It does not age or disintegrate. The name itself indicates that spirits live in it. In order to better understand their essence and position in Creation, let's repeat what kind of inhabitants live in the individual worlds below.

The Gross Material Universe is inhabited by people on many planets.
The Ethereal Universe is inhabited by the souls of people after death.
The Animistic Realm is inhabited by Little and Great Elemental Beings.
The Spiritual Realm is the world of spirits.

    Because the Spiritual Realm is on the highest level of all these worlds, so also the spirit has the highest status among the rest of the inhabitants of these worlds. What do spirits actually look like? What we like to call spirits, who are visible or can be felt by some sensitive individuals, are really souls, not spirits. Man can only see with his inner eye into the Astral, which is the middle part of the Gross Material World. More advanced individuals can even "see" into the Ethereal World. In our dreams souls appear as well, whether of living or dead people. When sleeping our soul exits the body and travels vast distances. We need not be afraid that it will not return, because it is connected to the body with an astral thread which is of infinite length.
    The Law of Homogeneity prevents people from seeing a spirit or the spiritual world. Between the Universe and the Spiritual Realm the distance is too great. The spirit is of a finer essence than the soul, because, in contrast to the soul, the spirit is non-material. In appearance it is similar, it looks like a man or a woman but has a much more beautiful, radiant and perfect form than man or soul. We already know that the soul is of ethereal matter, that's why it lives longer than the body which is made of gross matter, but it also will eventually expire. The spirit, being non-material, will never expire, it is eternal.
    What is the origin of the spirit and what does it have in common with man? In the lowest level of the Spiritual Realm there are spirit-germs. We shall talk about their origin later. Owing to the influence of the principal power, which radiates stronger here than in the Universe,
spirit-germs awake to consciousness - to the desire to form into a spiritual being. Like the matured germ of a hen instinctively desires to be a hen, the same way the spirit-germ desires to be a spiritual personality. In order for a chick to hatch  from an egg it needs appropriate conditions - higher temperature. The spirit-germ in contrast needs colder temperature to form as a spirit.
    As soon as, in the Spiritual Realm, the desire for an individual personality is awoken in the spirit-germ, it works in a subconscious way towards this goal, i.e., starts seeking the right conditions. Until the desire for life has awakened, it was immobile, seemingly sleeping. The volition for development is the first movement of the spirit. Under the influence of the Law of Motion and the Law of Gravity the spirit-germ starts to sink from the Spiritual Realm into the lower spheres in order to develop. It stops at the edge of the Ethereal World. Here, under certain conditions, the outer shell starts to form, first into the shape of a child that gradually grows and develops into an adult. That way, in the Ethereal World, the soul forms into a human shape, representing the cover of the spirit-germ.
    The spirit-germ in the nucleus of the soul remains undeveloped. Similarly while from an apple no apple can grow without a tree, people also have to develop a soul first, only thereafter the spirit. That's why the Ethereal World emerged earlier, in order for the souls to develop first. Only after they developed, after a human form has been achieved, the World of Matter and the Earth, where souls enter physical bodies, arose. The whole of the Gross Material Universe has one purpose only - it serves the development of spirit-germs. The stay in the Ethereal World is only a transitory period needed for the formation of the soul - the covering of the spirit. The soul is really a connection, an intermediary, with the help of which the spirit-germ connects with the body in order to be able to function on Earth, and thereby develop. The body protects the soul and spirit as well, from the coarse influences of the environment.
    Along with the development and maturing of the planet the human spirit matures too - through several lives on Earth and its stay in the Ethereal World. The development of the spirit is similar to the development of a nut. The nucleus is small, shapeless and soft at first. Only through the maturing and thickening of the covers in the form of a skin and shell does the nucleus grow and harden. After maturing, the covers no longer serve a purpose and they disintegrate. The spirit-germ also grows and matures under its coverings that are the soul and body. The spirit, after reaching maturity, becomes an eternal and conscious personality in a human form and it no longer needs the coverings - body and soul. They only served as a cloak for the spirit in the particular levels, in order to protect and support its development. The spirit-germ is gradually changing into a Developed Spirit. This term indicates that, through development, the spirit  matured into a conscious personality. Little Elemental Beings are developing in a similar manner - gradually, not immediately. They do not have a spirit or body, they only have a soul and an animistic nucleus.
    In the Spiritual Realm, in the middle part, which is called "Paradise" or, according to the Bible  "God's Kingdom", the Developed Spirit lives as a male or female being. In Paradise, unlike in the Material Worlds, evil or imperfection no longer exist. Here only beauty, love, goodness and justice rule, but not inactivity. The Law of Motion is valid for all levels of Creation. The blissfulness  of spirits does not stem from being  passive but from a joyful, creative and well organized activity. The purpose of the life of all Developed Spirits is, among other things, to help other so far undeveloped spirits - people in the World of Matter, to finish their development on time and return as mature spirits to their home. This help is necessary, which we will explain later.
    The Developed Spirits from Paradise cannot help directly in the World of Matter, as the Law of Homogeneity prevents this. Nevertheless, every person has his highest Spiritual Guide in the Spiritual Realm. The Spiritual Guide though, can only influence the person through intermediaries in the Animistic Ring and the Ethereal World and they in turn, through the Guardian Spirit.
    In Paradise there also live children of different ages, but they are not born as on Earth, they do not have parents, they belong to everyone. They also arose from the spirit-germs. They immediately formed in this level -  as children. They need not sink into the World of Matter for development, as they are perfect right away. They lack maturity which they will reach gradually through contact with Developed Spirits. And so, life in Paradise is varied: there are male, female, and child spirits and every one of them can experience emotions. All spirits are active in some way.  Fatigue or stress does not exist in Paradise because they are only the manifestation of matter. The fact that there is daylight around the clock and that light here is much brighter than on Earth also contributes to a joyful life and constant activity. There is no trace of Darkness or evil.
    The higher levels of the Ethereal World are similar to Paradise. That is another law, according to which every lower world is created by imitating the world above it. An imitation can never be the same as the original. The lower world, because it is denser, is less perfect, and cannot create the same, only similar. Life on Earth is a copy of the Ethereal World. Many people think that the Astral is an imitation of the Earth, because they see churches, schools and cities -  in the same way that they exist on Earth. In reality the opposite is the truth, we on Earth imitate the Astral. We carry its picture in our subconsciousness, as we lived in it as souls before birth.
     In order to make things clearer let's examine the differences in perfection between Paradise and Earth. In Paradise flowers grow, but their perfection lies in more beautiful and larger forms, more variety of colours and more intense scents. Bellflowers really ring there in beautiful tones and many flowers are used as vessels for delicious drinks. The description of  the clothing of spirits, the beauty of their houses and environment, would sound like fantasy, a fairy-tale, which cannot really be expressed or imagined  properly in human terms. Man can only imagine what he has already experienced or what is homogeneous, similar, to his imagination. Because Paradise is several levels higher from the world humans live in, we cannot perceive its perfection, as our language does not even have words to describe it.
    At the highest level of the Spiritual Realm perfect spirits also live, but they are of a different nature from Developed Spirits. They didn't have to enter The World of Matter in order to develop. Owing to the higher perfection of their germ they formed into a human shape immediately and still in the highest sphere. That's why we call them the Created Spirits. Perhaps it seems confusing to speak of a higher and lower perfection, as in human terms there should be only one perfection. But let us first explain its characteristic on spirits and spiritual worlds. When spirit-germs are able to form immediately in the Spiritual Realm it means that they are perfect, homogeneous with the perfect environment. Imperfect germs must exit into the World of Matter, which is imperfect, i.e., homogeneous with them, to develop and form into perfect human beings.
    A perfect spirit, although he has free will, will never choose the path of doubting, distortion or evil. His intuitive perception, behaviour and deeds are not a  matter of choosing between good and bad, as they are pure and clear. An imperfect spirit, owing to free will, will often choose even wrong paths as he wants to experience them. Regretfully, these are not always a lesson for him. Frequently they take him away from the real goal, even if he does not realize it. It is because of this imperfection that spirit-germs of human spirits cannot form in the Spiritual Realm, because the Law of Homogeneity does not allow it. Imperfect can only develop in an imperfect environment  - in the World of Matter. After finishing development, the human spirit reaches  perfection.  That means perfection in the spiritual world has several levels - stages, in which development progresses. Everything in all Creation is always evolving within its limits, due to the Law of Motion.
    Due to the Law of Homogeneity negative characteristics within families are also rooted out in this homogeneous environment directly, even if this results in quarrels and tension between  family members. Among more advanced people the elimination of negative traits would not be permanent. Lack of conflict does not necessarily mean change. In a better environment a person simply does not have the opportunity to express one's negative sides, so they stay suppressed and subdued.
    Created Spirits, owing to a higher level of perfection compared to Developed Spirits, play a  leading role in the whole of the Spiritual Realm. Like Prime-Elemental Beings they have leading positions, because their spontaneous and immediate forming speaks of a higher spiritual quality in relation to the others. Due to the adherence to this law there are no problems with authority, and a natural sense of loyalty and respect prevails.
    Created and Developed Spirits are the hierarchy which rule and evaluate our deeds and fate on Earth. With the help of the Elemental Beings they organize a just fulfilment of the Eternal Laws. The laws, therefore, act as an intelligent force, because in some cases they are ruled by the intelligence of spirits, in other circumstances they act spontaneously - through the principal power. The intelligence of the Created Spirits cannot be compared to earthly intelligence. It is only spiritual, without the participation of the intellect, and this gives it a totally different scope and unimaginable abilities. The World of Matter, or the Earth, when compared to the spiritual worlds, is the least advanced place in Creation, where the spirit is supposed to stay for only a certain phase of its development. It should not, therefore, be considered the final destination, but just a stopover.
    According to the plan of development, in a certain period of maturity, a Created Spirit is incarnated into the most advanced nation as a person. Through his higher abilities he supports the spiritual development of the environment, which would stagnate and degenerate without this higher help.
    In the Spiritual Realm the Book of Life is being kept, in which every spirit-germ entering the World of Matter is recorded under his spiritual name. The ruling spirits follow his paths and try to help him in many ways not to get lost in the World of Matter and to return to Paradise as a mature spirit.
    As can be seen, in our life on Earth we are not left to our own devices. We have our "teachers", "parents", above us who lead us spiritually and help us, through our Guardian Spirits, to successfully reach the goal, which brought us into the World of Matter - to Earth.

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