The year 1998 was marked with great spiritual impulses and was one of the most important breakthrough years in human history. In regard of this time period in abovementioned year a book trilogy was released entitled as "Eternal Laws" from the author - Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova.

The author's mission was to bring to light the source associated with the events and changes, which had already affected us and  which are still ahead of us, and to tell people in an easy and comprehensible way that there is something that will help them understand the current chaos and prepare them for the expected changes. In her work she openly revealed what was purposely made inaccessible and concealed for mankind until now.
Eternal Laws
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Contents of the book

1)    Eternal Laws
This introductory chapter describes the most important laws working on the material and non-material level - the Law of Gravity,  the Law of Homogeneity, the Law of Completing a Unit, the Law of Reciprocal Action, the Law of Movement and the Law of Equilibrium.
Interview with the author of the book "Eternal Laws" (from the introduction of the book)

Will you reveal to the readers why you decided to write a book about eternal laws?
I'm glad you have raised that question. I want the readers to know from the beginning that I'm not the author of the wisdom which they will gradually learn in the book. I would never decide on my own to write such a book. I would find it presumptuous.

And yet you have done so. What or who gave you the impulse to do so?
If I were to reveal to the readers how I was told about this mission of mine no one would believe me. Materialists because they do not have enough information on spiritual actions, and supporters of various religious teachings because of their fear of being accidently misled from their path.

So we won't get to know who urged you to write the book?
Attentive and perceptive readers will learn it directly when reading while discovering the original source. 

If there is already a source of information, why have you decided to write another version of it?
The original book, written by a German author, was only intended for spiritually mature individuals who are seriously seeking the truth about life and its purpose.  For common people, who are fully preoccupied with earthly worries, it's as if it is sealed. They cannot grasp it as it requires concentration and a lot of time. 
As we approach not only the period of fulfilment of long standing promises, but also the period of cessation of everything wrong, my mission is to bring the source to light which is connected with the concretization of such changes. 

Wouldn't it be enough to just point out the original source?
No, the original source has already been freely available for years; it has simply remained unknown and misunderstood.  My job is to communicate it in a new, simplified form, aiming to invoke the reader's interest in complementing the basic, simplified information.

Have you wondered why you have been chosen for such job?
Of course. From the beginning I was surprised that such a spiritual mission was given to me, a former materialist. I have learned the details of this mission gradually, the same as the fact that the concretization of that job was only reminded to me at the right time. Until then I did not know the original book, although I was continuously looking for "universal" truth and justice. Only when I became absorbed in the original source, which answered all of my questions, did I feel inexpressible gratitude that I could continue disseminating its knowledge. 

Who is the book actually for when you have already excluded materialists and supporters of other spiritual teachings?
I wrote it in a style which is suitable for "open" materialists, but also for idealists who are seeking a logical and compact picture of the universe and man.

Mankind stands at the most important crossroads in its history, when a new, better and nicer world is about to be born. However, the new world cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be very different from it.

People do not develop in the way that they should, that's why everything that is incorrigible and untrue will collapse to open the path to a new life.

Modern man should know that the current catastrophic changes are not accidental occurrences, but that they are happening according to certain laws, for the benefit of the new generation.

Old prophecies are twisted in order to not make people understand that the old period is about to end and the new one can only be entered after a spiritual transformation.
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Some excerpts from the book "Eternal Laws":

The purpose of emancipation was to accept real masculinity and real femininity and the fact that they are equal in value. This should have erased the superiority of men and the disadvantaged and underestimated position of women. But equality, as practised today, means that a woman can and must do everything  a man does, and a man has the same duties and rights as a woman.
For a woman to be equal to a man she had to emphasise the sameness in all respects. It began with masculine ways of clothing, wearing pants, later on adapting male customs and habits. And later still women were able to think along male lines just to narrow the gap between them and men.
The Law of Completing a Unit has been distorted. How could there be harmony in a relationship when the pure negative and positive poles no longer existed, when  man no longer was  truly a man nor  woman truly a woman?

By favouring logical thinking and neglecting intuitive perception and the spirit, the capacity of the frontal brain has increased in the same measure that the small brain's capacity has  diminished. Children are being born with this disfigured brain. This event is known as the decline of mankind, the "hereditary sin". It is an involuntary inheritance which the newborn brings into life on Earth. This deformation of the brain limits him from the start and inhibits the usage of the small brain. Fortunately, by  knowing about this hindrance, and by making an effort, everyone can awaken the small brain into a more intense activity.

From youth on we are guided by our environment to improve in any way we can. And every person tries to do this to a greater or lesser degree. He enhances his body with hygiene, exercise, nutrition and with clothing too. He fashions a comfortable home and surrounds himself with nice and durable objects. Perfection and beauty he also transfers into the sphere of the soul. He tries to improve his character and abilities, he fights negative traits, adapts to ethical rules and educates himself. If, concurrently with the effort for perfection he fulfills his desires - to acquire status, property and  family -  he becomes a popular and successful member of society.
Shortly before death, and sometimes even sooner, during his life, this satisfied person realizes that his satisfaction and harmony are only on the surface, they are only apparent. Inside there is an unconscious fear, anxiety, sometimes even sorrow that everything that he has worked for all his life he must lose one day. His anguish is well founded. By improving his body and soul he has only developed the coverings of the spirit, which really will perish. In the majority of cases this successful person had no time to gain the knowledge that the death he fears can be influenced by his own actions. That's why he assumes that there is nothing more to be done but to reconcile with the final exit and to not  think about it. And so he avoids solitude and quiet moments all his life, because that's when these suppressed feelings come out and demand an answer to the question: "What purpose is there to improvement, when all will pass eventually anyway?"
2)    The Universe
The division of the Universe into several levels from the viewpoint of their different density - the Gross Material and Ethereal Worlds. The journey of the soul after death.
3)    Karma
"What a man sows that shall he reap!" Everyone has to bear the consequences of his past deeds. How does the Law of Reciprocal Action influence the development of man?
4)    Free Will
Life is not determined solely by fate. Man has free will to decide about his actions. He is continuously being helped from higher levels.
5)    The Animistic Realm
The level of Creation above the Gross Material and Ethereal Universe is described. This sphere permeates all material levels as well. Dwarfs, fairies, nymphs, Greek and Roman gods and other beings are dwellers of this realm.
6)    The Spiritual Realm
The basic cycle of the development of the spirit of man, the change from the unconscious spirit-germ to a conscious spiritual personality that enters the "Kingdom of Heaven". The names of all human spirits are recorded in the Book of Life.
7)    The Creation of Man
How are children connected with their parents and how are they attracted to their future family even before birth? What does it mean to be "expelled from Paradise"?
8)    Distorted Souls
The view on emancipation in the light of Spiritual Laws. The complementing of male and female activities creates a balance on Earth. The distortion of this balance and the consequences.

9)    The Man
Original task of the man, what mistakes has he allowed in his development? What is he supposed to develop within himself, to become a true man?.

10)    The Woman
How the woman has succumbed to the serpent temptation? The real target of the womanhood in the Creation is not only the maternity.

11)    The Creator and His Realm
The idea of God from the materialistic and idealistic viewpoint, God’s work. In majestic beauty, above all levels of Creation towers  the Divine Realm - the eternal level of Creation. Beings in this realm.

12)    The Primordial Spiritual Realm
“Let there be Light!” or the creation of the Primordial Spiritual Realm. The influence of the Primordially Created Primordial Spirits on the development of man. The most important primordial spiritual levels.

13)    Tempter
Lucifer, the source of evil. He was originally sent by God to help people through thoughts - the intellect, in the Material World, but he “fell” and created the present day chaos in the world. Due to his negative influence the Earth sank into the darker regions of God’s Creation, and so entered the path of premature disintegration.

14)    Darkness and how it Works
The working of the Dark Principle in various areas of life - in spiritual teachings, earthly laws, health services, culture, education, sport, in the upbringing of children, etc.

15)    The Son of God
The promise about Savior‘s coming, the life and the mission of Jesus. Was his crucifying a sacrifice or a crime?
16)    The Son of Man
Jesus prophesies coming of a Mentor and a Comforter, who links onto His teaching. Not all two thousand years after Jesus’s death He really came to Earth.

17)    The book sealed off from outside
The book, which has provided so far the most complex explanation about the universe, God, destiny and problems of mankind. Apart from that purifies Christian teaching of the dogmas, that have been preserved for long time.
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18)    Eternity
The development of the spirit-germ of man, his maturing into man and the danger which he faces in the time of the World Judgement. The consequences of the sinking of the planet Earth into the path of disintegration. The disintegration of the planet is manifested as Darkness in economy, finance, social affairs, politics or world religions.
19)   The Star of the Son of Man, Prophesies
The circulation of basic force in the Creation stagnates. The Creator sends to the mankind prophecies as a notice and warning, so He protects them by spiritual knowledge from the consequences of their actions.
20)  The book sealed off from inside
Everything is upside down, is hard to recognize what is true and deception, political unstableness, natural catastrophes, confusion. In this chapter based on the biblical sayings from Mathieu’s Gospel or John’s detection, will reader learn about the World judgment progress as it was predicted by them. Completion of God’s secret.
21) New mankind
Spiritual development of man can be compared to school. By his living on Earth undergoes important trials, which determine whether he may advance on or must repeat the trials. How to overcome the negatives and develop our character properties.
Interview instead of the conclusion
Detection of author’s origin and the purpose of their mission.