Everyone at the beginning of the adulthood experiences one of the eternal laws - "free will", which should lead us to our individual path of development. Free will is closely joined with ability of self-making-decision and from that following a responsibility for the consequences. Everyone in their inside feels how to live their life, subconsciously led by their own resolutions and tasks given before the birth. In order to walk on their path correctly they must know eternal laws and respect them in ordinary life. Eternal laws will guide man on his path of development securely to the destination of his spiritual home. They are guides on the path to realization. Realization is the only key, which allows us to understand the spiritual contexts and acquire solid and logical image about the creation and our place in it.

The purpose of this website is to:
  • help seekers of the truth to find the key to spiritual knowledge,
  • provide complete information on the composition of the material and immaterial universe and on the place of man therein,
  • explain the functioning of eternal laws which are the alpha and omega of all events and their impact on man,
  • point out things which different religions and doctrines keep quiet about or only refer to partially and vaguely,
  • present spiritual knowledge on solid grounds accessible even to avowed materialists,
  • explain why everything around us is becoming so accelerated,
  • call attention to the fact that the present time - the time of World Judgement  - is the right time for us to make a spiritual decision.

Why is precisely a spiritual education such important for us nowadays?

Many books have been written warning humanity against the World Judgement and great purification of Earth, explaining the causes of natural disasters and pointing out man's self-destruction. Since such Judgement, if using a metaphoric term for the present events is a matter for all mankind, one should know why it occurs and what to do to survive it. It is no longer a secret that the World around us goes through the radical changes when the old era ends and when we enter the new cosmic cycle, which brings along a spiritual transformation. How to enter such new dimension? The only thing that can lead man to new forms of life is to show an interest in the meaning of such metamorphosis and make a change inwardly.

Ignorance of spiritual events and overall context is a greatest obstacle for understanding of real meaning of life. Without a right realization and clear perception of World one cannot live his life correctly.

Religions and various spiritual theories offer in this respect such unsatisfactory answers that many clearly thinking people rather avoid them. And just for those, who has not let them self entice by any religious associations or sect ideas and wait for something, which logically and simply clarifies spiritual context, composition of creation, functioning of eternal laws or a fundament of the highest source opens by means of following book works, drawing of the same source a possibility of finding clear answers to the questions not answered as yet. They bring help in the form of valuable spiritual information, teaching, which lead every sincerely seeking person, longing for higher realisation to the Truth. It is the only one, which leads the spirit upwards, to its original home locating out of the Earth.

The first, more extensive work, is the book "In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message" by the German author Oskar Ernst Bernhardt, writing under the name Abd-ru-shin, which was first published in 1926. A trilogy called "Eternal Laws" by the Slovak Autor Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova, published in 1997 - 1998, was a simpler work and also a preparatory textbook for a better understanding of The Grail Message which helped to revive Abd-ru-shin's work and its penetration among the wider public. In addition, the trilogy also presented new information topical for the contemporary reader.
Topics on which you will learn more in this web:

- seeking the meaning of life and
  the place of man in Creation

- how eternal laws work and why
  to know them

- how to get rid of doubt, fear and

- the true nature and origin of
  the Grail
  (the myth of the Holy Grail)

- the inner voice of man

- the structure of creation

- mistakes in interpreting the Bible

- causes and effect of the dark
  principle in human life

- intellect as a distorted tool

- what it is the true mission
  of a man and woman?

- how to survive one's personal
  judgment and avoid repeating
  mistakes and errors

- what does World Judgement
  actually mean and what is its
  motive force?

- why is everything accelerating
  so much?

- sexual power and its significance
  for spiritual ascent

- why is spiritual education
  important at this time?
Eternal Laws
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