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The purpose of the book is to:

-    help seekers to find the key to spiritual realization,
-    provide complete information on the composition of the
     material and immaterial universe and on the place of man
-    explain the functioning of Eternal Laws, which are the alpha 
     and omega of all events and their impact on man,   
-    point out things, which different religions and doctrines keep
     quiet about or they only refer to them partially and vaguely,
-    present spiritual knowledge on solid grounds,
     accessible even to open-minded materialists,  
-    explain why everything around us is becoming so accelerated, 
-    draw attention to the fact that the present time – the time of 
     World Judgement  – is the right time for us to make
     a spiritual decision.   
Topics on which you will learn more in this book:

-    seeking the meaning of life and the place of man in Creation
-    how Eternal Laws work and why should we know them
-    how to get rid of doubts, fear and uncertainty
-    the true nature and origin of the Grail (the myth of the Holy Grail)
-    the inner voice of man
-    the structure of Creation
-    mistakes in interpreting the Bible
-    causes and effect of the dark principle in human life
-    intellect as a distorted tool
-    what it is the true mission of a man and woman
-    how to survive one’s personal judgment and avoid repeating
     mistakes and errors
-    what does World Judgement actually mean and 
     what is its motivating force
-    why is everything accelerating so much
-    significance of the sexual power from spiritual perspective
-    why is spiritual education so important at this time

Our planet is facing a turning point, when a new world is about to be born. However, it cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be much different from it.

Present man should know that the current catastrophic changes are not accidental occurrences, but that they are happening according to certain laws, for the benefit of the new generation.


© Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
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